How likely is that you would recommend this brand / company / service to your colleagues, relatives or friends?

With this simple question you will know which of your clients are:


Clients who really like your products and services and who are fully satisfied with the customer service


Clients who could stray to the competitor at any time


Clients who could stray to the competitor at any time

Once you have defined your clients , we’ll help you to:

Find out what your clients most value

The positive feedback you receive from your clients will help you understand what the “drivers” that will bring you brand loyalty are, and how to use them to boost your business.

Turn unsatisfied clients into Promoters

Our software generates real-time warnings and alerts so that you can react immediately when you receive detractors and convert them into promoters

Areas for improvement detection

No one better that your clients knows the aspects of your business that you have to improve on if you want them to be brand loyal and to bring you more clients at no additional cost.

Take strategic decisions based on client experience.

The NPS® enables you to use the voice of your customers to take the decisions needed to guarantee that you are offering them the maximum value at all times.

Start measuring and improving your clients’ experience now.

Contact us and we will prepare a demo to suit your needs.

Our tool is simple, intuitive, versatile and incredibly useful.

Here are its main features.

Real time

You will have the opinion of your clients in real-time, as soon as they make a comment, which enables you to take immediate action.

System integration

Our software integrates into the it systems of our clients in such a way that the surveys are sent out automatically. no time or effort is required

100% cloud

Our tool is 100% cloud. it does not require installation and you can access data at any time and from anywhere by simply connecting your computer, cell-phone or tablet to internet.

Net promoter system® end to end

Opinat provides a complete service from start to finish: from the design of campaigns and waves, sending, receipt and gather as much useful information as possible for your business.

“The NPS® system has made it possible for us to listen to the opinions of our patients and improve our services, which is our biggest priority.”

– Jorge Cobián, Director of the modelo medical group

How do we communicate with our clients?

Opinat has 5 channels to communicate with yours clients


Desing email marketing campaigns and add logos, images and multi languages.


Get a lot of information. All conversations are recorded.


Very useful for getting feedback from its users


Use QR code on invoices, documents, etc.


App available for android and ios.

Become a opinat partner

Our current NPS® is 88%

Make the most of your reports

Create and generate reports to track your NPS® campaigns


Consult the information on dashboards


Generate your own reports. your imagination is the limit.


Subscribe to monthly reports. you will receive them in e-mail in-box


Share the NPS® throughout your organization

What do our clients think?

  • El NPS nos permite estar mas cerca de nuestros clientes y anticiparnos a posibles motivos de insatisfacción.

    Massimo Tartarini
    Massimo TartariniGlobal Product Manager de Atrápalo Restaurantes
  • En el sector salud hay que estar focalizado al paciente y todo lo demás es secundario. El NPS® es un valor simple y concreto que nos ayuda a conseguir este objetivo.

    Dr. Soler Tomás
    Dr. Soler TomásDirector Médico de OFTALNOVA
  • Con el sistema NPS sabemos de primera mano lo que nuestros clientes opinan de nuestro camping desde cualquier parte del mundo.

    Albert Barrachina
    Albert BarrachinaDirector General del Camping Cala Gogo
  • El sistema NPS nos permite obtener una valoración directa y en tiempo real de la experiencia de nuestros clientes, lo cual nos ayuda a mejorar día a día.

    Inmaculada Sánchez
    Inmaculada SánchezCEO y fundadora Río Coves
  • Gracias al método NPS® sabemos lo que nuestros clientes opinan sobre nuestro servicios y nos ayuda a mejorarlos.

    Gregorio Molero
    Gregorio MoleroDirector de Marketing Estratégico

Case Studies

    Some of our clients

    stop guessing and start analyzing.

    Only your clients can tell you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.