With opinat, it is easy to know whether your clients are loyal and whether they are going to bring more customers,

Opinat allow you to get your customers feedback through five different channels

1. Configure your campaigns from an easy and intuitive backoffice

The first step is to design your surveys. the opinat backoffice enables you to design any type of templates for your surveys.

Use the templates so that your teams can generate as many campaigns and waves as they wish, which can be used both for clients and to assess the opinion of your own employees.

The environment in which the application works is intuitive and really easy to use.

1. Design the content of the mail with images and business logos included.
2. Use variables to personalize the mail content, for example, include the client’s name.
3. Visualize what the mail will look like before sending it.
4. Configure all the languages that you require in order to facilitate communication with your clients.

2. send and receive the surveys generated through any of the five opinat channels

Once you have configured the campaigns and waves you can send the surveys via the five channels in order to reach all of your clients regardless of their business model or the usual form of communication you use with them.

You can use one or several of these channels to send the surveys of any campaign and/or waves which you have previously configured and start to receive the customer feedback instantly.

1. Include your business logo in the mail.
2. In the case of detractors, ask them the reasons for their dissatisfaction in a drop-down menu.
3. Let your clients express their opinions freely. without a doubt, these are the most valuable opinions.

3. Control the status of your campaigns in real-time

Once the surveys have been sent, our tool enables you to check the results in real-time every time a campaign or wave is generated.

You can filter the information with any of the previously configured fields and export it to an excel file.

All the information provided by your clients is in your and your teams’ hands in real-time.

1. Carry out simple or complex searches to group the survey respondents
2. Export your surveys to excel in order to use them internally.
3. Visualize or filter by status in order to track each survey.
4. Consult feedback records of clients to see how their opinions have evolved over time.
5. See the score of each survey and directly access the management of detractors and promoters.
6. Read and listen to your clients’ comments and rate them so that they can be directly uploaded to your web page or to social networks.

4. Manage your detractors from the backoffice and turn them into promoters.

As soon as any of your clients expresses a negative opinion (detractors), our system automatically generates warnings and alerts so that your staff can take actions which can be pre-defined and registered in a crm.

The information in the detractor’s file permits you to see the status of each of your detractors at any given time and by taking a quick glance at the detractors summary you can see the cases which are being dealt with and those which are pending. this enables you to track the actions which are being taken to convert detractors into promoters.

1. Control the status of your detractors to control which are awaiting attention and which cases have been closed.
2. Visualize all the data required to contact the detractor and/or the promoter, including the information on their respective companies in order to improve the management.
3. Add actions to manage detractors and/or promoters.
4. Visualize all the actions undertaken in order to know at any given time what those involved in the NPS have done

5. Generate all the reports you need with our report generator. the limit is your imagination.

Finally you will obtain the information and graphs which you need by filtering through the parameters of your choice. Our tool has 5 levels of different geographical structures and ten blank fields to segment clients into and therefore group the data and obtain the most exact information you can imagine.

The dashboard and the analysis instrument enable you to obtain all the information you need, export it to excel and generate pdf reports and send and share them with your workteams.

1. Use any form of classification criteria to design your own reports.Combine different dimensions in order to obtain complete reports
2. Save your reports in order to re-use them at any given time with updated information
3. Export your report to excel to include it in presentations, carry out complex calculations and add dynamic tables.
4. Visualize your reports in tables or in any of the graphs or charts available.
5. Use the rows and columns to drag the dimensions and sizes in order to design your report as you go. Use filters to segment the information.
6. Elaborate any kind of report. the limit is your imagination

What do our clients think?

  • El NPS nos permite estar mas cerca de nuestros clientes y anticiparnos a posibles motivos de insatisfacción.

    Massimo Tartarini
    Massimo TartariniGlobal Product Manager de Atrápalo Restaurantes
  • En el sector salud hay que estar focalizado al paciente y todo lo demás es secundario. El NPS® es un valor simple y concreto que nos ayuda a conseguir este objetivo.

    Dr. Soler Tomás
    Dr. Soler TomásDirector Médico de OFTALNOVA
  • Con el sistema NPS sabemos de primera mano lo que nuestros clientes opinan de nuestro camping desde cualquier parte del mundo.

    Albert Barrachina
    Albert BarrachinaDirector General del Camping Cala Gogo
  • El sistema NPS nos permite obtener una valoración directa y en tiempo real de la experiencia de nuestros clientes, lo cual nos ayuda a mejorar día a día.

    Inmaculada Sánchez
    Inmaculada SánchezCEO y fundadora Río Coves
  • Gracias al método NPS® sabemos lo que nuestros clientes opinan sobre nuestro servicios y nos ayuda a mejorarlos.

    Gregorio Molero
    Gregorio MoleroDirector de Marketing Estratégico
  • Gracias al método NPS® sabemos lo que nuestros clientes opinan sobre nuestro servicios y nos ayuda a mejorarlos.

    Ariana Martín
    Ariana MartínDirectora General Real Club de Golf El Prat
  • Con el sistema NPS sabemos de primera mano lo que nuestros clientes opinan de nuestro camping desde cualquier parte del mundo.

    Luisa Fernanda Galeano
    Luisa Fernanda GaleanoLíder de Servicio al cliente de Bodytech

Case Studies

    Some of our clients

    Stop guessing and start analyzing.

    Only your clients can tell you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.