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The NPS® allows Atrápalo to be closer to their customers and anticipate possible reasons for dissatisfaction

Achieved goals

  • Atrápalo has a single number that measures the satisfaction and loyalty of customers in real time.
  • Compares the development of NPS® over time and among Atrápalo’s different locations, creating improvement synergies
  • Allows for the management of critical customers at the right time, listening to their complaints and providing them solutions that turn them into brand ambassadors.
  • Spreads the NPS® index in the company as a catalyst for continuous improvement.

Atrápalo, leaders in online leisure.

Atrápalo manages online reservations in more than 13,000 restaurants in Spain, France. Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru. With the goal of always being at the forefront of using new technologies to evaluate the loyalty and satisfaction of their customers, Atrápalo has chosen Opinat’s platform to manage their Net Promoter© Score (NPS©) ratio from start to finish.

'In addition to knowing what our customers are saying in real time, it allows us to respond in time by contacting them, listening to their complains and offering them solutions within our possibilities', adds Massimo Tartarini. This is the only way to prevent the word-of-mouth effect from critical customers and turn them into brand ambassadors due to the simple fact that we have addressed their complaint.

The one question that is fully integrated into the reservation process is recorded in the Opinat cloud system

One single question on the reservation form.

The goal of Atrápalo was to gather their customers’ opinions after completing the reservation process for a restaurant, with the goal of evaluating the usability and transparency of the website itself. To that end, they have integrated a single question–the NPS®question–in their web form via the Opinat Link product, using the same appearance as the rest of the fields in a way that fully integrates it. When the customer responds, the answer, the possible motives of dissatisfaction and other comments that they may have added are recorded in the Opinat system, where the NPS® ratio is calculated in real time and, in case of a critical customer, alert e-mails are sent to Atrápalo’s staff to begin critical customer management.

We want the NPS® ratio to be a key factor in Atrápalo when we assess how we are treating our customers and if they will recommend us

The NPS® as a key indicator for Atrápalo.

The NPS® should be a value that is shared throughout the entire organization, and everyone should be aware of when it improves or worsens. To that end, Opinat makes it easy to publish the NPS® value in any medium that the company deems appropriate, from the corporate intranet to information panel equipment in offices. But the NPS® method is not just a number. It is a system that is supposed to help the company know where they are faltering in their relationship with their customers and what wishes they have that are not being fulfilled. According to Massimo Tartarini 'It is important to hold periodic meetings with your team to evaluate the primary reasons for dissatisfaction that are provided by our customers and to propose corrective measures'

Open-ended comments that are added by customers are also very important to Atrápalo. 'Often times, customers tell us things that we had not considered as a possible motive for dissatisfaction. We learn something new every day with these comments' stressed Massimo. When Opinat detects that a customer has added an open-ended comment, it sends an e-mail to an Atrápalo comments administrator who, from the e-mail itself, classifies the comment as positive, neutral or negative. In addition, any comment can be flagged as publishable in a way that makes it automatically appear in the company’s corporate website, intranet or any information panel

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