Nora Real Food

For Nora Real Food, it is crucial to determine customers’ opinions and listen to their comments.

We believe it is essential to surprise our customers with new recipes every day. Nora Martí, Founder and CEO of Nora Real Food

Achieved goals

  • 37% success.
  • Simplifies surveys to avoid inconveniencing the customer.
  • The Nora Real Food team is the first to know when they have a critical customer and why.
  • Integrates with their online platform; nobody needs to worry about sending surveys since it is automatic.
  • Real-time information without paper reports.

Quality food in the office.

At Nora Real Food , we want people to enjoy eating at their office again. As such, we prepare great, beautiful, healthy and affordable recipes. Our goal is to make every meal a charming experience, and we believe it is crucial that people tell us how we are doing.

Founded in 2016, Nora Real Food is a company that cooks and provides home delivery of high-quality food that is presented in impeccable glass jars. It currently operates in Barcelona and delivers more than 200 jars every day.

Integrated e-mail campaign.

To obtain the customer’s opinion, Opinat implemented their mail channel integrated with Nora Real Food’s e-commerce system so that, upon finalizing a delivery, Opinat checks if the customer has already been surveyed and, if they haven’t, we send them a personalized e-mail with Nora Real Food’s corporate image, wherein we invite them to complete the survey.

If the customer is a critic, our system sends an alert e-mail to Nora Real Food and they get in touch with the customer so that they can feel that the survey was worthwhile and we can offer them our apologies or a solution.

Real-time and well-managed information.

With Opinat’s solution, Nora Real Food is able to obtain their customers’ opinions in a fully automatic and uniform manner, allowing them to simply focus on what they enjoy the most: cooking. In addition to the survey’s brevity (two questions and one open-ended comment), it makes the participation rate increase above 37%.

When there is a negative opinion from a critical customer, the truly important thing is that the staff at Nora Real Food is instantly notified through Opinat’s alerting system and allows them to call the customer to learn more about their dissatisfaction and thereby reduce the bad reputation that this could generate. All the information about these measures remains properly recorded in Opinat’s software.

Nora Real Food can check the development of the NPS in real time and at any time using our NPSense app; they can also check the words that their customers utilize the most via the Word Map that is included in the tool.

Opinat & NPSense

Consulting, Training, Voice of the customer Listening, Implementation and Specialized Software in Net Promoter® System.