The need for integrating the e-NPS© system

Many years ago, managers of large companies realized that their customers' experiences depended largely on the degree of involvement and motivation of their employees.


Purpose of e-NPS©

In order to manage the motivations and satisfaction of their employees, large companies initiated programs aimed at periodically and systematically evaluating the work environment and experience of their employees in their respective jobs. Since then, thousands of companies around the world have developed e-NPS© programs in order to combine and relate them to their customers' NPS© programs. Employee behaviour depends largely on their work environment, their internal training and their access to the necessary tools to carry out their work. The purpose of an e-NPS© program, to a certain extent, is about: Being aware of the extent to which employees have all the appropriate instruments to carry out their work. Finding out their degree of involvement with the company's philosophy. Understanding their level of commitment to the entity. By asking employees at all levels to what extent they would recommend working for the company, we can obtain an NPS© ratio, which along with the justifications for their qualification, will allow us to know if they have everything necessary to deliver value to customers.


internal and compatible e-NPS©

A large majority of e-NPS© programs are anonymous, since in this way the employee can express their opinion more freely. Opting for anonymous or nominal e-NPS© programs depends on the work environment and the employee's level of trust. In companies with a high degree of employee ownership and with open and cooperative climates, e-NPS© programs are normally nominal, as employees feel free to express their opinions. On the other hand, in highly hierarchical companies with competition between employees, they are usually anonymous.


anonymous or nominal e-NPS©

This knowledge and experience in the sector was key to the implementation of the NPS© programs for our customers Goldcar and Interrent. Both companies use Opinat software to send their NPS© surveys and manage their programs at all levels. Our software allows, on the one hand, to fully automate the sending of surveys in real time following check-in after a previously established time, while also generating Power BI dashboards and data analysis instruments that allow for analyzing and displaying the results in a fast and agile way. Furthermore, the system enables integrations into the companies' own management programs (CRM – BI).


Change management

Using Opinat software, the company can have its NPS© programs for customers integrated in one place, with its relational and transactional campaigns and its e-NPS© or internal customer programs, which allows for establishing statistical relationships between all of them, helping improve the company and deliver more value to customers every day.


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