Leaders in the funeral services sector

If there is a sector in which NPS® methodology is ideal and very useful, it is undoubtedly in funeral services. Throughout the more than 10 years of experience with customers in this sector, we can affirm that the use of customer experience surveys with NPS® methodology provides a great deal of value to companies that provide funeral services and that it's an ideal way to learn about their customers' experiences in these trying moments.


Sensitivity and specialization

Everybody knows that attending funeral services is a very important event in people's lives. Normally the people who request services are relatives of the deceased and, therefore, their emotional state in these circumstances is very affected. Under these conditions, on many occasions, it's hard to evaluate the experience that the family members have had throughout the funeral process: transfers, funeral homes, ceremonies, etc. These are not appropriate times for answering the classic long and tedious surveys through distant means such as email or a simple SMS. On the contrary, through a “warm” phone call in which, instead of bombarding the customer with questions, we ask them only two questions and allow them to explain about their experience to us in their own words, we get not only evaluations but direct experiences of great value.


A call centre adapted to the sector

In the Opinat call centre we have operators specialized in surveys with NPS® methodology and, specifically, specialized in funeral services, we achieve a very high response rate and generate trust in our customers and their end customers (users). Conversations with customers are recorded on our platform and can be shared throughout the entire organization, thus enabling the starting of workflows to improve what needs to be improved through the tool itself.


Opinat, the only company to be able to offer a comparative benchmark of the sector

In addition, at Opinat we are the only company to offer a sectoral NPS® for funeral services based on the aggregated results of all our customers in the sector, which allows us to compare their NPS® with that of their sector. More than 105,000 annual telephone surveys support this sector benchmark, representing 25% of the total funeral services in our country.


An Opinat NPS® specialist at your disposal

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