Authentic specialists in the rent-a-car sector

The vast majority of large and medium-sized rent-a-car companies have been using the NPS© methodology for years to understand their customers' experiences.


Tracking it throughout the entire customer journey

Through the NPS© program you can find out about the user experience throughout the Customer journey, from the booking experience to the check-in, and through their opinions to know the aspects of each of the touchpoints that must be perfected in order to improve said experience, or highlight the things that their promoters appreciate most in order to replicate them. At Opinat we know the ins and outs of the rent-a-car business and we know how to help companies in this sector implement their NPS© programs in an efficient and transversal way. José María Raventós, partner and senior consultant at Opinat, worked for more than 20 years at Hertz rent-a-car, first as regional director of operations in Catalonia and later as quality director for Spain. During his time in the quality department, he led the implementation of the NPS© program at Hertz Spain.


The rent-a-car customer journey

We are well-acquainted with the rent-a-car business and its special characteristics. We are fully aware of all processes and touchpoints, both the check-in and check-out, and how to evaluate, understand and measure the whole customer experience from start to finish.


Identification of touchpoints from where to measure customer experience

This knowledge and experience in the sector was key to the implementation of the NPS© programs for our customers Goldcar and Interrent. Both companies use Opinat software to send their NPS© surveys and manage their programs at all levels. Our software allows, on the one hand, to fully automate the sending of surveys in real time following check-in after a previously established time, while also generating Power BI dashboards and data analysis instruments that allow for analyzing and displaying the results in a fast and agile way. Furthermore, the system enables integrations into the companies' own management programs (CRM – BI).


Closing the circle

Thanks to our extensive experience, we know that a good, well-managed NPS© program will help you achieve more benefits for your company. It doesn't matter if your company is medium or small, we adapt to its characteristics and possibilities. If you would like more information or to see a demonstration of what we are capable of doing to improve your customers' experiences, please do not hesitate to contact us.


An Opinat NPS® specialist at your disposal

Contact us to have your questions answered by a specialist with direct experience in the implementation of our NPS solution with customers of different sizes and industries.

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