Are you decided to be a customer centric company?

We know how to do it professionally.

Consulting, Training, Voice of the customer Listening, Implementation and Specialized Software in Net Promoter® System.

To what extent would you recommend our products or services?

With this simple question, you will determine your customers’ opinions in real time and our software will classify it into:

Critical customers

Passive customers

Brand ambassadors

El software de Opinat NPS en todos los dispositivos

How your customers are

Once they have been defined, we will help you improve and turn them into brand ambassadors using our software, which will allow you to manage the NPS from start to finish.

Furthermore, you can control your NPS with any device.

How can we reach your customers?

If you wish to instantly test each channel, click this button:

Try the channels

Opinat Email

Opinat Email

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Find out what they value the most

Through the positive comments of customers, you can understand what turns them into loyal customers and thereby leverage it in your business.

Determine areas of improvement

Who better than your customers to determine the aspects that you need to improve in order to bring in more customers in via the customer experience.

Convert dissatisfied customers

Opinat generates real-time alarms and notifications that allow you to immediately respond if there are critical customers.

Make decisions based on the NPS©

The NPS© system allows you to use your customers’ voice to make strategic decisions and thereby provide the greatest value.

A clear-cut and useful tool

In addition to being intuitive and versatile, you can conveniently manage the NPS© with Opinat

In real time

Opinat NPS In real time

You will have your customers’ opinion the moment they send it, allowing you to respond immediately.

Integrated systems

Opinat NPS Integrated systems

Thanks to integration with your management systems (ERP, CRM, etc.), surveys are automatically launched, saving you time and effort.

Opinat Cloud

Opinat NPS Opinat Cloud

Opinat is 100% cloud-based and requires no installation; you can check the data anytime or anywhere.

NPS© from start to finish

Opinat NPS NPS© from start to finish

From designing campaigns and waves to sending and receiving with the greatest amount of useful information for your business.

Watch the Opinat NPS© video

And discover the value of Opinat and the NPS© in your company

Take advantage of the reports

Create and generate personalized reports to monitor NPS© campaigns

Opinat Dashboard


Check all the information on the control panel

Opinat Reports


Generate your personalized reports in detail

Opinat Power BI

Power BI

Explore, understand and communicate your NPS with style

Opinat Subscription


Subscribe to monthly reports that you will receive by e-mail

Opinat Sharing


Share the NPS throughout the entire company in several ways

Opinat & NPSense

Consulting, Training, Voice of the customer Listening, Implementation and Specialized Software in Net Promoter® System.