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We have been measuring customer satisfaction for more than 15 years using the Net Promoter Score (NPS®) system.

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A comprehensive, flexible and practical solution that covers the process from start to finish.

Our tailored solution is designed to add value, facilitate all parts of the process and accompany you from initial advisement to the integration, implementation and continuous improvement of our NPS® software.


We make NPS® easy and affordable for any company and user profile.

The Net Promoter Score is an indicator to determine customer loyalty. It measures how likely someone is to recommend a company's product or services and is calculated based on a single question: To what extent would you recommend our products or services to your family, colleagues or friends?

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A value proposition that has a direct impact on your business

Implementing a system for measuring emotions and experiences helps elevate the purchasing and consumption processes to an improved state. It also positions the customer at the centre of the business, which enables better decision making.

Know what they value most
Through positive customer comments you will be able to understand what drives their loyalty and to strengthen it in your business.
Detect areas for improvement
By analyzing your customers' ratings you will have a global vision of your business' strengths and those areas that can be improved.
Convert dissatisfied customers
Listen to your dissatisfied customers and act to convert them into loyal customers.
Make decisions based on NPS®
Thanks to the NPS® system you can choose your course of action based on metrics, adding a quantifiable factor to your decisions.
React in real time
Manage your responses instantly to convert detractors and resolve issues in real time.
Automatic process
Thanks to the integration with our system, the entire measurement process is done automatically.

What do our customers think?


"Knowing about the patient's experience in all hospital processes is key to improving our quality of care. By listening to and taking into account their opinions we discover what they value most, but also where we have to improve."

Nuria Diaz Avedaño, Director of Information and Patient Care Services at QuirónSalud

"Through the NPS® methodology and Opinat software we have managed to integrate the customer's voice within the organization, thus improving the user experience through improvements made based on their opinions."

Miguel Brotóns, Corporate Director of Purchasing and Quality of Grupo ASV

"The NPS® allows OK Mobility to know about our customers' opinions, not only about the reservation process, but also about the service in each of our centres. In this way we can anticipate possible reasons for dissatisfaction."

Emilia Martin, Customer Experience at OK Mobility

"Through the Opinat system, we can measure all the points of interaction where we have contact with our policyholders, guaranteeing at all times that the service received follows the highest quality standards."

Patricia Jiménez, AVP, Cluster Head of Marketing and EMEA Customer Engagement and Loyalty at MetLife


An Opinat NPS® specialist at your disposal

Contact us to have your questions answered by a specialist with direct experience in the implementation of our NPS solution with customers of different sizes and industries.

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